Commercial & Residential Refurbishments

Why move when your current property could be remarkably reimagined?

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    • Transform your home or working environment

    • Create space, maximising spatial use

    • Enjoy and benefit from a fresh start

    • Add functionality


    Caden Construction can offer expert advice, and carry out all of the work at a fixed price, giving you complete peace of mind

    Give your commercial premises a marvellous makeover using Caden Construction’s expertise, and create an inspiring, rejuvenated workplace. Drawing from years of experience and utilising a wealth of shared knowhow, our refurbishment team will transform your current premises.

    From initial design, through to applying those exquisite finishing touches, our innovative professionals will do the lot, completing the project on time and within budget. All you’ll have to do is wait with bated breath for completion day.

    The ’hidden’ advantages of refurbishing

    A workplace refurbishment can also mean improved Health & Safety, increased productivity, and raised employee attendance. Their morale boosted, staff can look forward to arriving at work every day at a welcoming place, feeling renewed enthusiasm for their jobs through their environment having been not ‘just’ freshened up, but terrifically transformed. Expanded output is proven to come from a cleverly altered workplace layout, where space is created, allowing for the recruitment of extra staff and the accommodation of new machinery. So, why should your business miss out on all of that?

    And, why not consider making a smart investment in a Caden Construction refurbishment as part of your planned company rebrand? Impress your existing clients whilst simultaneously attracting new ones.

    Raising your profile and boosting revenues through refurbishing.


    It’s a nice feeling, seeing the delighted look on a client’s face upon a residential refurbishment’s completion. For Caden Construction, it’s a look we see often.

    As a trusted, well-established building company with a reputation for high-quality work and reliability, you can absolutely depend upon the Caden Construction team to provide you with the refurbishment you desire, without shortcuts or compromises. And with everything carried out at the agreed price.

    Interior design magic… layout remodelling that’s simply genius

    In its current layout, is your home really functioning as well as it could? Is the spatial use maximised effectively? As well as handling all aspects of the interior design, Caden Construction can advise upon and implement a remodelling of your property, improving it in ways you probably never even thought possible. Your only ‘problem’? Having to part with it, rather than reside there yourself, if it’s a property being prepared for sale!

    Start turning your home from something satisfactory to something sensational.

    • Add value to your property

    • Launch a business, finally utilising and profiting from what has long-been an abandoned space

    • Don’t just add an extra room, create a whole new living area that’s plumbed in, has electricity, Wi-Fi, all mod cons…

    • Earn a useful additional income, by renting out your converted barn during the holiday season, or even all-year-round to lucky tenants seeking something different, something special

    Who knew that all the time these amazing possibilities were just ‘sitting there’ on your land? Converting a barn usually proves a smart move, just as letting Caden Construction handle the whole process from start to finish is a wise decision indeed.

    Once planning permission is approved (where applicable), entrust us fully with your  barn conversion and you won’t be disappointed. We can guarantee you that.

    Start exploring options TODAY.

    To start the process of improving your living or working space, and add value to your property call us on 01371 829289 or…