Loft Conversions & Barn Conversions

Caden Construction is a major name in loft and barn conversion throughout Essex, Cambridge, Suffolk and surrounding areas.

We have extensive experience in converting attic space, and all types of barns, into luxury residential accommodation.

Look forward to an impressive end result. And all at an agreed fixed price.

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    Converting your attic space can make a considerable difference to your home, even transforming life there. Over the years, Caden Construction has amassed a wealth of experience in converting lofts to the highest standards, satisfying (and in many cases exceeding) clients’ expectations, by providing them in full with a perfectly finished loft conversion that comes with all of these advantages:

    • Increased property space – add an office, or an extra bedroom as your children become teenagers, or why not enjoy arts and crafts in your own little studio at the top of your house where an abundance of natural light can flood in?

    • The cost of moving avoided – and not only that, whilst saving a fortune in moving costs and avoiding the upheaval of relocating, add value to your home.

    • Change your perspective – How? By creating a room with a view. From a wonderful vantage point, gaze for miles across some of England’s glorious undulating countryside; or, if you live on the coast, let your eyes come to rest on the distant horizon, and watch the sun go down…

    • Find sanctuary – as well as adding a natural light source to your property (often a godsend in city dwellings or built-up towns), whenever you feel the need, head for your converted loft to enjoy some tranquil ‘me time’ far from the madding crowds… not to mention the kids!

    BARN CONVERSIONS, always done with respect to historic England

    Across the UK there are so many stunning barn conversions just ‘waiting to happen’: sympathetic restorations of neglected barns and other forgotten farm buildings, as well as unused granaries, fruit lofts and cellars, former cattle housing and stables… all of which have the potential to be transformed into sumptuous residential dwellings possessing genuine character.

    Caden Construction understands that you’re considering converting your barn but are perhaps anxious that it may lose some of its wonderful timeless charm. It’s a common concern. The good news is that, as experienced barn conversion professionals, we are past masters at striking that difficult balance: successfully pulling off painstaking historical preservation in tandem with awe-inspiring modern-day transformation.

    And there’s so many reasons for proceeding with a Caden Construction conversion:

    • Add value to your property

    • Launch a business, finally utilising and profiting from what has long-been an abandoned space

    • Don’t just add an extra room, create a whole new living area that’s plumbed in, has electricity, Wi-Fi, all mod cons…

    • Earn a useful additional income, by renting out your converted barn during the holiday season, or even all-year-round to lucky tenants seeking something different, something special

    Who knew that all the time these amazing possibilities were just ‘sitting there’ on your land? Converting a barn usually proves a smart move, just as letting Caden Construction handle the whole process from start to finish is a wise decision indeed.

    Once planning permission is approved (where applicable), entrust us fully with your  barn conversion and you won’t be disappointed. We can guarantee you that.

    Start exploring options TODAY.

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